Please note my research into the use and facilities offered by the product is
in its early days so do come back to this page to monitor progress and my latest

Navilens is an alternative to QR codes which the producers clainm is a much
more rugged system offering the ability to read the codes at a far greater

The Navilens code for my garden railway posters contains the QR code too and
basically looks like an ordinary QR code surronded by a coloured paterned

I'll put an image here soon.
Sinage users include:-

Transport for London, various stations across London.

Some comercial users of the Navilens system for their products are:-

* Coca-cola;
* Kellogg's;
* Nivea;
* Pringles;
Aunt Bessies frozen goods
Around the house and garden Navilens has a part to play along side Braille and
other tagging systems such as the RNIB pen friend.

Comparing it to my brief use of the Pen friend system Navilensis cheaper, quicker
and more flexible but does not have the benefit of sound recorded labelS.

Some box files in my office at home have print and braille markers which will
soon be joined by the Navilens codes - be intersting to see how often they get

Not sure how this system could be used with bigger items, maybe larger storage
items held in the garage or loft?
Buildings could be easily labelled and thus navigated using the Navilens system,
the ability to read the larger labels at 40 to 50 feet is useful - think of 
such things as lifs, stairs, fire exits being 'visible' to the blind from
as far as 50 feet.
Developed for labelling items and buildings.

The Navilens app is available for both Android and apple devices.

Pricing - appears free for personal use.
A few links to the Navilens project including YouTube clips:-
navilens home page
Basic tutorial
Free labels for personal use
More coming
Most of these tests were carried out using a Samsung s23 Ultra and an S21 running
Android 14.1.

Will need a lot more work here to get a better overal feeling, as you can
see from the results below some sizes are similar results.

A3 not tried yet
a4 = So far 7m - much more to do tried indoors and out.
10mm - roughly the size of a postage stamp - up to 1m +/-
23mm - ?
85mm - postcard size - 7m
Degree checking to be added!
* How to share personal codes between devices; backup and copy.
* How to spread the international use of standard codes such as lavelling
  Fire exits, receeption desk etc.
* Use of electronic photo frames to display codes, can changing codes be detected
  without moving device?
* power drain, looking into the three levels of power use.?
* Low battery warning, as it seems to use quite a lot of power an alarm
  at 25% and 10% battery left would be headful.
* what can the codes hold? how about a link to website or locally held file
  such as a sound clip?

Will I be using Navilens?

It's certainly easy to setup and use but whether I have a need for such a 
product and where will it fit into my access requirements?
With faster OCR on smart phones now available are these labels going to be in
wide spread use?

If wide spread adoption of the labels to mark public places was used then maybe
it would work well but there's the problem of getting you phone out in what
might be a busy area - better to scan for codes or ask someone in the area?

* How is it going to fit in along side such products as Google's Lookout
products like Seeing AI?

Unlike Braille you must have your phone handy!